These dark aspects of society need to be removed: PM

These dark aspects of society need to be removed: PM

Special Correspondent: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said there was no justification for keeping girls in the house in the name of religion. He said that when Prophet Karim (PBUH) came to preach Islam, no man dared come forward to preach this religion. The girls came. That is, Bibi Khadizai came first and he helped with all his wealth to spread this religion. We should always remember that.

Sheikh Hasina made these remarks while addressing the chief guest at the Women’s Workers League conference at the Agriculturalist Institution Auditorium at the farmhouse at Farmgate in the capital on Saturday.

Highlighting the equality of men and women, the Prime Minister said that if a man cannot work equally in a society, then a society cannot stand if he does not get the opportunity. We walk with two legs, we have to go digging if one foot falls. And if two legs are okay, we can walk healthy.

Sheikh Hasina said, We only had the labor league, not the women’s labor league. We had no such organization of our own. But the constraints that you have to face when creating. All the obstacles come from our workers’ league as well as the leaders of Awami League also obstructed in the district.

Highlighting the various steps taken by the government regarding the expatriates working abroad, the Prime Minister said there is a tendency of the people of our country even after we have given so many facilities. Many house girls often fall into greed, some fall into the throes of bankruptcy, they fall into debt, then they are in danger. They have to come back in danger. There were assaults.

“In this case, I think our Women’s Workers League has a responsibility,” she said. All over Bangladesh, it is to create awareness among the people. No one should go abroad to fall under the guise of such a broker.

Sheikh Hasina said, unfortunately there are cases beyond this. We have rescued many women. Got married The baby is gone too. The mother of one child. Husband, mother-in-law, mother-in-law’s house were sold to her son’s wife. He was taken to a foreign country. There he had a shelter in brothels. On receiving such news, they were rescued.

“We are taking appropriate measures against those who do such wrong and we will take it,” he said. In the future, they will be punished with a severe punishment. Why would they sell girls so unfairly? All these dark aspects of society have to be removed.

The Prime Minister said, “Our girls are not going down in sports. The girls who are playing football under the age of fifteen are doing very well. Maybe, they can become champions in regional football competitions. They are doing well in cricket, they are excellent in different sports. The field is particularly visible, our daughters do better than boys. I said gently, there was no doubt that our boys were doing well. But the girls are moving very fast.

She said that the rights of women and men have been ensured today by changing the society.

Shamsunnahar Begum, general secretary of the organization was also present at the conference chaired by the organization’s president, Roshan Jahan Saathi.

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