Journalist threat to spread news against Spar? Complaint at the police station.

Journalist threat to spread news against Spar? Complaint at the police station.

Own representative: Own Correspondent: In the daily newspaper “Crime Express”, published a series of reports of various crimes against an illegal spur on No.1 Road adjacent to the capital’s Gulshan Police Station. After the publication, the owner of the company, Heidi Hassan and his wife, Aura alias Rupa, have been threatening the media of different people in a series of newspapers editor and publisher. He tried to inform the officer-in-charge several times to report the matter to Gulshan Police Station, but did not receive the phone. The editor’s cell phone number, called 122 and 524 and 5, said that you have reported an inquiry into the antisocial activity of a spa center called “Hands and Gold”. Doing more with the company will not result in better results. Where am I sending people to your office? We’ll see you. But they did not want to know if their identity was threatened. Calling the numbers later found them off. But the voice records are proven.

Meanwhile, the owner of the company, Aura alias Rupa, told him that he could call if you wanted money. But there is no evidence that he has been asked for money. This drama is the reason why his anti-social activities are tarnished by falsifying falsehoods. But he knows very well how to threaten a media activist. According to a source, he is continuing an illegal spa or massage parlor with only a trade license in Kerala. Although the trade license does not mention a spa or massage parlor. In this way, he has always shown his power to the public. However, a secret news agency reported that some of the most powerful people involved in the illegal money laundering were involved with the company. A complaint has been lodged with the Gulshan Police Station. Details are more …… ..

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