Mahmudullah was fascinated by the aggressive spirit of the revolution

Mahmudullah was fascinated by the aggressive spirit of the revolution

Sports Reporter: While playing as an expert batsman in age-based cricket, Aminul Islam was a revolutionary figure in the national team as a legspinner. He got off to a great test in his debut against Zimbabwe. The 3-year-old spinner has been praised by the match-maker Mahmudullah.

Biplob got the wicket by taking the ball in the first over. There was also diversity in the tern. Many googly problems batsmen. After all, his first international cricket match did not go bad. He took 2 wickets in 5 overs. Moreover, his body language and adventure fascinated Mahmudullah.

At the end of the match, he praised the new legspinner, and the 32-year-old right-handed batsman, who said: ‘I thought today (Wednesday) that the revolution was very good. Even if I hadn’t seen his game before, I could understand that there was something in him. I was talking to Shakib. The enthusiasm with which he (the revolution) speaks, is remarkable. His bowling looked like he was very aggressive. His fielding, his body language was also aggressive. It is more needed in Twenty20 cricket. His batting ability is good too. Keeping the way Inshallah started, he can bring more success to Bangladesh. ”

Before coming down the field, Mahmudullah suggested, “Before coming to the field, I told the revolution, ‘Your international first match, everyone is less stressed. Whatever you do, the chest will do with courage. Nothing can survive in international cricket because of fear. I will play cricket with my heart open. ”I think he felt it. It played as I said, no fear. ‘

Leg spinners are not very much found in Bangladeshi culture. Even though some came to Calavadre they could not be consistent. For example, Jubair Hossain Likhan and Tanvir Haider. Legspinners are sometimes bowling at a cost, but they have a lot to contribute to success. Asked whether the revolution could hold its place in this situation, Mahmudullah said, “When writing started, I felt great. His googly was very difficult to understand. There may have been some change in his form. But this boy (revolution) has been very talented to me. Everyone encouraged him. I think his future is bright. The two should not be compared.

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